What is reflexology and how does it work?

A traditional healing art, reflexology has been practiced for thousands of years, as represented in cultural artifacts from China, Egypt, and India. Today it is recognized as a valuable adjunct modality of complementary medicine.

Reflexology is the stimulation of specific points on the foot or hand to activate the body’s innate ability to correct imbalances. Thousands of nerve endings in the feet communicate through the peripheral nervous system to the central nervous system and corresponding physical areas. A professionally trained reflexologist uses thumbs and fingertips to apply pressure to these points, addressing all the body systems. An hour-long session will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

What are the benefits?

Reflexology provides relaxation, reduces reaction to stress, increases circulation, and assists in the release of toxins. By promoting homeostasis in the body, reflexology helps to rebalance the inner organs and systems. Regular sessions work cumulatively to maintain wellness and alleviate symptoms from many chronic physical conditions.

Reflexology has proven to be a useful therapeutic modality for a wide spectrum of ailments, including:

Frederick Kalil completed his professional certification program in reflexology at the Cortiva Institute through New England Institute of Reflexology and Universal Studies.


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Experience the multiple benefits of reflexology. Ask anyone who has tried it, and after you've discovered it you'll want to tell others how it helped you as well.